St. George (The Saint and Soldier)

Sep 2, 2014

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The story of the Roman soldier who saved a princess, slayed a dragon, and died a Christian martyr

We take pride in the place that we are based out off. Have you ever wondered about who Saint George might have been? Like many figures in history, not everything is known about Saint George, but it still stands out as an interesting story of the man that our city was named after.

Saint George was a Roman who went by the name Georgios. He was born to a Christian family around 280 AD. His father was an official in the Roman army and his mother was a Christian from Palestine. By the time he was 14, his parents had died.

He decided to join the military and became an officer in the Roman army and served in the guard that protected Emperor Diocletian.

According to legend, George was riding past a lake in Libya when he came across the daughter of the king of the land. The princess tried to send him away because of a dragon that had taken residence in the countryside. As they talked, the dragon came out of the lake. Being fortified with the cross, he wounded the dragon with his lance.

After putting the princess’ girdle around the dragon’s neck, he then led the wounded dragon into the nearby town. After all the town had been converted to Christianity, George killed the dragon.

With every adventure and miracle that Georgios may have experienced, he was on his way to being executed. In 303 AD, Diocletian declared that every Christian soldier would be arrested. Georgios went to the emperor and spoke against the edict. The emperor was upset at the prospect of losing Georgios and attempted to bribe George away from his faith, but was unsuccessful, leaving him with only one option: to execute George.

He continued to influence those around him even as he was executed on the wall of Nicomedia. The Empress Alexandra and a pagan priest by the name of Athanasius decided to become Christians because of his example. His body was returned to Lydda, the place of his birth, and he was later venerated as a martyr, which led to his gaining sainthood.

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