Static Webpages Are Good For SEO

Apr 5, 2010

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There are a lot of articles on the web about SEO and how to do it, but today I am going to cover a very simple point that sometimes gets very overlooked and it is that static webpages are good for SEO. I see so many websites a day as I am working and you would be surprised by how many companies get sold to build all flash websites.

While search engines are getting better at being able to crawl flash programming it is still not their bread and butter. Search engines were built off of crawling and indexing text. Even though times do change in the technology world I still see way to many people forgetting the backbone of search engines and how they were originally started.

Search engines like to crawl single pages of unique content and be able to understand the importance of that document. Dynamic is a modern word in the internet world and there has been a lot of discussion on dynamic content and how to show it. I even sometimes see static webpages that have dynamic urls.

Having pages and urls that are dynamic can be a challenge to search engines as the content of the page may change over time. The cream of the crop when it comes to wondering what type of a webpage would be best to build and design is a webpage that will be static meaning that the url does not have session ids, question marks, equal signs and others. The page will have static content that has code that a search engine can get in and actually access.

Flash programming does not make for the most accessible coding, it just looks fancy. In a world where search engines are so important why on earth would you want to build and code any type of website that does not make accessibility a issue, unless you do not want people to find that page. While you can have a webpage that does have certain elements of dynamic content you always want to make sure that the majority of the content is static.

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