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Sep 8, 2008

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When marketing for any company it is important to constantly be moving forward. Especially in doing search engine optimization it is better to constantly be moving and changing your website as this shows growth and improves size.

A lot of people think that starting out with lets say 100 pages of their website will help them. It will only help if you continue to grow. This is a very important concept when building and growing an internet business. If a website builds 100 pages and does not continue to grow then after a while it is stagnet information. This shows the search engines that the company is not growing.

The same goes for marketing the website in any shape of form. As the saying goes “slow and steady wins the race.” It is like the race with the rabbit and the turtle. When hiking it is very important to conserve your energy instead of running all at once.

As you do run you do move fast but as time goes by you have to rest and by the end of the hike you will be out of gas. It is better to be constantly moving when hiking at a good pace instead of feverishly spending your energy in a non-productive manner.

When marketing any business you will want to constantly be moving forward. It can sometimes be frustrating if you feel your website is not moving as fast as possible in the search engines. But remember that the search engines look at constant growth of a site, not a quick growth spurt and then nothing else changes for a while.

So as you are planning your marketing plan for your website think about a good hike or race and how you would conserve your energy. Are you going to be one of those who start the race at a fast pace and then slow down later as you run out of energy and watch the methodical racers pass you by.

It is important to be consistently showing your company in front of the public over time instead of all at once and be as they say in show business a one hit wonder. It takes on average 7 times for a customer to see your company before they decide to buy. It is just like offline stores. Most consumers will price hunt with several companies.

The same goes for your website as the customers will do their research on your website and others and then make their decision. If your company is constantly in the front of the public this will improve your branding as people will see your company name, logo, and look.

This is why huge billion dollar companies are constantly running marketing campaigns. Everyone has heard of Nike yet they still do marketing and are consistent in showing off their brand to the public. Nike is a great example of STEADY MARKETING.

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