Stick To The Fundamentals

Dec 14, 2009

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After doing marketing for a while it is easy to sometimes get caught up in the latest technique in the most recent blog posts or the best software to use or who to even follow. In sports they call fans that jump from team to team a fairweather fan because they are not loyal to one particular team.

In marketing online there are so many new advances in technology and new strategies being posted that it can be sometimes a daunting task to stay up to date on what is going on all the time. The most important thing that an athlete is told in any sport is that they must first learn the fundamentals (ie: dribbling, shooting, passing). All of these activities can be very basic, but can also be the detriment of the team if a player does not do it effectively.

The same is true when performing SEO (search engine optimization), there are basic activities that seo’s must accomplish. From title tags, description tags, heading tags, url’s, alt tags, image files, page content, linking, and more. However it is easy to get yourself off tilt when you always go off and try to do new things and in the meantime neglect the basics.

The really good SEO’s are really good because they know the fundamentals of seo up and down and instead of just saying “ok got that done” they continue to improve how well they can do the fundamentals.

In most sports passing a ball is a must, however there are a very few in history that are known to be really good passers (aka good ball handlers). If you want to be a good seo or website handler then you need to perfect the fundamental activity. After all search engines want to all to do the same thing: provide great content for their users.

This morning I was talking to someone about how Google is able to collect all of the data like website usability and user interaction with a site among other things. At the end of the conversation of telling him how to do basic seo activities I told him that none of this matters if you forget the number 1 fundamental: provide great content for your users.

So stick to the fundamentals and become really good at them and the rest will follow. Who cares if you know the latest strategy if you cannot do the basic fundamentals really really good.

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