Successful Marketing Strategy For Companies To Try

Oct 25, 2013

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Incorporating successful marketing strategies for your business takes an innovative mind and thinking outside the box to effectively reach potential customers and meeting their needs. I have researched some solutions for companies to try in their marketing plans.

1. Infographics should have accurate information and be collaborated with experienced data journalists and a unique and informative story behind your infographic to make it successful. Intended audiences of marketers catch on to the poor quality of bad infographics if they recognize incorrect data or information, which can backfire on your strategy, according to Tal Siach, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at

2. The use of YouTube videos has caught on fire, making them a trend around the web. Videos are a great way to engage and catch the attention of potential customers and attract them to the company’s culture or product. Another way that marketers have used video to reach consumers is the video-sharing app, Vine. Vine is targeted at a younger, more active crowd which has made it easy for marketers to use and share content.

3. Cross-channel promotion in print and media advertising efforts have helped multiple social media accounts incorporate hashtags in TV commercials, TV shows and on billboards. Your social media content for each account should vary to get different results for your marketing campaign.

4. Being an expert in your marketing field helps with your professionalism and ability to appear prominent in the search results of a given topic that potential customers might be looking for. Customer involvement such as getting people to tweet about a campaign or starting up hashtags to promote an event/contest, are one of many ways to get traffic to your website and promote active and engaging content for customers.

Share with me some of your marketing strategies that have recently been successful for your company’s marketing plan.

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