Target your Audience with your Words

Feb 5, 2009

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Words are a power that can be used for both good and evil. I know you like how I started that. One of the most sought after qualities that people look for in leaders is excellent communication skills. Those who know how to talk well can persuade people into thinking, believing, or doing anything.

This is one of the most powerful things you can focus on in any business especially if you run a business online. The majority of the communication that is done between a business owner and their customers is the words they use on their website. Some websites I have been on have repeated text over and over or even worse the words are not targeting those that they are selling to.

For example if you have a website that is selling $80,000 luxury cars then the target market is going to most likely be a business executive or a retired one. Their language is different then those who would be purchasing surf boards online. There is vast difference in the culture of these two types of demographics.

With this being the case the most important thing to focus on when you are selling a product or service online is to think about the culture and demographics of those you are targeting and selling to. No matter who your audience is you always want to have proper spelling and grammar.

The more persuasive you are in your speech the more your customers will want to follow you and do whatever you say. This is exactly what great copywriters focus on is how do most effectively communicate with my readers.

Targeting after emotions is always the best thing to master. Recently we had the presidential elections and all of us listened to what was said by many presidential candidates. Barack Obama did what was an awe inspiring move in his campaign as he traveled around the country and told people that they had the power to change. That was his message and it pulled at many Americans emotions.

This is a perfect example of targeting your audience with your words and more importantly knowing that target audience and their emotions. Everyone listened to what he had to say at his inaguration speech and now we know exactly what he wants to do as president which is to make changes that are necessary.

The same is true with web design in regards to the layout, the pictures, and most importantly how you convey your message to the readers. You must grab customers attention by having excellent headlines that give a call to action and solve their problems depending on that specific demographic.

As you continue to do business online remember that the power of words is one of the most powerful and necessary things you must focus on.

Innovation Simple does not endorse or involve itself in any political affiliations. All examples are strictly for the use of demonstration and instruction.

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