Tech Expo Utah – Day 2

Jul 9, 2011

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Saturday has been steady

Saturday at the Tech Expo Utah was a nice flow of consistent traffic and a decent flow of people legitimately looking for vendors. Comments from SkyWire Communications and Innovation Simple were both similar. Both companies felt like the traffic, although not stellar, was targeted and interested in services or products provided by the vendors.

After hours of talking to people, it seems as though there are lots of ways to improve your message when you are approaching people at an expo. FREE items seem to be the ticket and seem to be the thing that helps people feel more interested in starting some sort of relationship with a business. At the Expo, we offered a free quote, free analysis of a current website, as well as a drawing to win a free redesign. Many people filled out the form to enter to win a free redesign of their website. However, many people just wanted to get a free quote and were willing to fill out the form in order to get in touch with us later.

The traffic pattern seems to slow down at 4pm and hasn’t picked up after that. We are not sure why, but the morning traffic has been consistent and reliable for staying in front of people.

Excited for next year

We are excited for next year and are extremely happy with the way that the expo has turned out considering this was its first year. Thanks to The Computer Connection of Southern Utah for being the brain child of this Expo and for Cherry Creek Radio for propagating the news about the Expo.

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