Technology Continues to Change Our World

Sep 4, 2014

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Why We Have an Emotional Connection to Technology

Life Without Sound

Over 360 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss.

For me, imagining life without sound is hard to comprehend. So much of what we do and how we live includes listening to the world around us. However, some people go through life without ever hearing something as simple as a sneeze or something as beautiful as I love you.

A recent video posted to YouTube, shows a seven-week-old boy hear his parents for the first time. The moving video features little Lachlan who was diagnosed with severe hearing loss just four weeks after his birth two years ago.

The video is just another example of how technology is changing the way people can experience life. Because of new technologies, more people are able to enjoy life in ways they never thought possible. Like Steve Mahan. Steve is blind, but he drives his car everyday thanks to technology developed by Google. The NFL drafted the first deaf player in its storied history because of technology that allows Derrick Coleman to hear well enough to play.

These examples illustrate why technology is so important to us. Through stories we hear, we create strong emotional connections to our devices which may help us understand why we are so connected to them.

The advancements in the 21st century are truly miraculous. I am grateful to live in a day and age where technology is always advancing in ways that aim to help people live better lives.

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