Testimonials: Your Company Needs Them!

Oct 10, 2013

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Scott Christofferson

Customers Need Proof

Everyone wants bang for their buck, their money’s worth, a good deal, quality service, results and the list goes on! Before we sign contracts or make purchases most of us want to know what we’re getting, but if there

isn’t a clear track record from the brand or company or we don’t know someone who has used the product or service we won’t feel comfortable with a decision to purchase.

This creates a big problem for a company’s sales. No proof – no purchase.

A good testimonial will do a couple of things:

Bring the product or service to life and show what it can really do for real people or real businesses.

Show what the results are from using the product or service using real data or convincing case studies.

Show how the presented results will improve your life or your bottom line.

Testimonials bring your product or service to life and show your potential customers why your offering is right for them. Check out Innovation Simple’s testimonials here.

Do You Have Favorite Testimonials?

Who has great company testimonials? Share links to some of your favorite company testimonials in the comments below.

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