The 3 B's of Marketing Part 3: Be The Best In Their World

Nov 22, 2012

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Be Number 3 “Be the BEST in THEIR World”

We’ve made it. All the way to the 3rd “B” of marketing which is “Be the BEST in THEIR World”. You’ll notice that I didn’t say, be the best in THE world. You only need to be the best in your customers world. So, how do you do that? Become the best in your customers world? Let me explain.

Mike Green Family

The BEST Doctor in MY World

When my wife and I were having our children, I felt an overwhelming confidence and trust with my wife’s doctor. Truly he was taking her and my future child’s life in his hands. That was something I didn’t take lightly. Turns out that he was not only very capable at delivering my children, he was outstanding. As a matter of fact, to me, he is the best in the world at what he does. I feel that way about him. Because of that, my wife and I would never consider using another doctor for this important life event. By the world’s standards, I have no idea where he would rank against all other doctors, and frankly, I really don’t care. For me and my world, he is the best. So when I say Be The Best in “their” world, that is exactly what I mean. Be the best in your clients world. .

Being the Best Company In THEIR World

Lets say for example that my goal is to be the best SEO company in the world. My, that’s a large undertaking, and frankly impossible to quantify. So lets boil it down a little further. Likely, a business in Provo Utah that wants to be successful in their internet marketing efforts, will look for someone close by that shares their same culture and belief systems. That would be defined as the “customers world”. Sure, they know that they can go to oversea’s to find a marketer, but that’s outside of their world. This now narrows the gap for choosing a SEO company, because their world just got smaller. After some due diligence they chose Innovation Simple to be their SEO provider in Provo Utah. Now, our goal for that client is to be the BEST at what we do in their world. They trust us, and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else because we are the “best in THEIR world”.

You Can Be The Best!

Once you start to see your marketing efforts in this light, you’ll be able to identify your market and focus in on the right target. This is where too many businesses struggle. They are overwhelmed by the enormity of the market, so they try to target everyone. This never works. Spend some time learning what your customer’s “world” is, then make a plan on how you’ll be the best. Are you losing customers to competitors? It’s easy to find out why when using this approach to business. Your customers have found someone is their world that is better than you. Find out what that is, and make a plan of attack!. _________

There you have it. The three “B”‘s of marketing.

1. Be Unique

2. Be Timely

3. Be the Best in THEIR World.

A Word of Caution

Companies that can apply these three principals set themselves up for great success. However, there is one word of caution. Do not think that because you are unique, timely, or the best in the world today, that you’ll always be that way. Your customers are always moving, changing, evolving. So should your business. You should always be asking yourselves “Am I still unique, timely, and the best in their world”. If you’re not asking these questions at least semiannually, you’ll find yourself left in the dust by your competition.

Good Luck!

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