The Fall of Product Launches

Jan 10, 2014

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Product launches have outworn their welcome. People have started to grow tired of the standard technology product launch. In the past people vied for an invitation to Apple’s extravagant and charismatic product launches. With the passing of Steve Jobs, the popularity of these launches has declined, and not just for Apple. The entire industry has seen a decrease in popularity for their product launches.

At a recent Apple product launch for their new iPad mini (it has a higher resolution screen), reporters were quoted as saying the launch was, “a snore”. Even the iPhone 5s launch showed a decrease in popularity. What is happening to this PR tool of the trade?

I believe product launches are being overused. In the past they were used only for truly “revolutionary” ideas and products. Think touch screens. Now the word “revolutionary” is cliche and deemed as vague. Faster processing speeds and higher screen resolution do not call for a product launch.

If I were asked to organize a product launch tomorrow I would recommend putting the money elsewhere. They are not cost effective unless your product will make news. If you think you have something truly exciting to share with the press here are 2 basics of a product launch.

1. Select a small room. You want your venue to be small and packed. Perception is everything. It is better to have 30 people in a full room than 100 people in a half empty hall.

2. Let reporters and invitees know what they are coming for. If your idea is as good as you think it is they will come even if you tell them details of your product before the launch.

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