The HUVr Board is Here

Mar 5, 2014

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There is a fake ad circulating the Internet right now about a Huvr Board. The actor who played Doc Brown in Back to the Future steps out of the infamous time travelling car with a hoverboard in his hand. He hands the board to Tony Hawk, Moby, and other famous figures who testify to the authenticity of the board. The video then leads you to this site

Now let’s just put this out there right now, there is no hoverboard. It’s a hoax. I’m sorry. I don’t mean to rain on your parade but you should know before you go any further that this is a hoax. Now that I have come out and ruined your childhood let’s talk about why they would make this video.

The goal of Huvr Tech is uncertain. All we know is this video and website is meant to draw attention. This is another example of using PT Barnum’s hype in marketing. They make falsified claims of the future and unexplored and use those claims to draw you into a product or service.

What is Huvr Tech making? Perhaps a new movie, maybe they just wanted to spoof the world. I am not sure as to their true intentions. I do know that they have fat wallets. They have made a decent video with big wig actors and stars. They even throw Best Coast in the end of the video singing a song while sitting on the hoverboard.

What I do know is that this hoax was a success. Bloggers everywhere (wait do I count as one of these bloggers) are talking about this hoverboard. We are all speculating as to the reason behind this video. That is what Huvr Tech wanted. They wanted us to talk about them. They wanted the bloggers and tech sites to start glowing and talking about them. They have succeeded. This is marketing done right. You cannot pay the Internet to light up in your favor. You have to do the unexpected. I congratulate you Huvr Tech on getting the attention of the internet and its users. Now clue us in. What are you planning?

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