The Importance Of Corporate Blogs

Aug 19, 2010

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Blogging is not new, however there are still a large amount of the business population that does not understand the power blogging can have for a corporation. Today we are going to go over some reasons why a company should have a corporate blog.

Here are only a few reasons on why a company should have a corporate blog:

benefits of corporate blogging

  • Fresh content for users
  • Fresh content for search engines
  • Ability grow company’s website faster
  • Ability to allow for more interaction from users
  • Ability to show company’s authority and knowledge
  • Company’s that blog more frequently statistically get more traffic
  • More opportunities to network with fellow bloggers
  • Ability to get more pages indexed for certain keywords in the search engines
  • Ability to have RSS Feeds so people can subscribe to your content
  • A lot of blogging software has search capabilities allowing websites to have search boxes
  • Ability to syndicate content
  • And many more…

I see so many companies these days who want to increase their online presence in the search engines, however they do not like the fact that they have to continue to grow the size of the website by adding content on a frequent basis. To all business owners or managers this is a notice that if you want to have some real success online you have to grow the size of your site on a frequent basis.

business week blogs will change your business

Imagine if you are the business owner and you along with your entire staff decided to take off a month, 6 months, a year or even several years from working, how successful would that business be.

This is exactly what businesses do with their websites, they build them once and forget about them. To often websites are used as “oh I guess we should have one of those, lets build a small one with a couple of pages” and then the business in the same breath says we want to show up in the search engines. There is a big discrepancy in realistic expectations of what business owners want and the plans they implement to get them.

If you want your business to grow, your must grow you website!

Innovation Simple is a premier custom blog development company that can turn your company’s website from a small static website to a living breathing corporate blog.

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