The Provo Rec Center

Sep 4, 2013

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Jake Wixom

The New Facility

After years of anxious anticipation, the citizens of Provo now enjoy their own, state-of-the-art recreation facility. Not only is the building refreshingly original in appearance, but it is also incredibly functional. Thanks to the sheer massiveness of it, the rec center is able to offer an abundance of space dedicated to an enormous variety of activities giving its visitors the feeling that they could spend weeks inside, using the facilities and never run out of things to do. You might almost feel like you could get lost inside, but never will thanks to its ingenious design.


With multiple pools both inside and out, there is plenty of room to play around in the water! A few of the pools even feature water slides, artificial cliffs, a lazy river, and a unique rock climbing wall that actually comes up out of the water!

Here is a list of some of the features outside the pool area:

  • A huge workout area that is filled with all of the latest in fitness equipment

  • 6 racquetball courts

  • 4 full sized basketball courts

  • Child-care center

  • Skatepark

  • Tennis courts

  • Multiple kid-friendly play areas

  • Indoor bouldering area

  • And much more!

Membership Info

If you’re interested in a membership, or even just looking to visit for the first time, go to the Provo Rec Center website for more info.

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