The Spirit Animals of Internet Marketing

Mar 26, 2014

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What is your Internet marketing spirit animal? Great question. I’m not surprised you’ve asked yourself this soul searching question. I’ve often pondered on the answer to this conundrum. I have been thinking about this for quite some time. I have grouped Internet marketing into several spirit animals. I don’t have a quiz for you to decide which one you are. Just read the descriptions and you’ll know your spirit animal.

The Chameleon – Adaptability and design is your game. You place a lot of importance on a beautiful website and good advertisements. You know what’s in style and what looks good. You change and update with one eye firmly placed on the market and the other on your services.

The Penguin – You are all about making a connection. Google’s penguin update made quality links more important. You are all about looking for a good connection and creating some clout for your business. You are not afraid to dive deep and look for the best possible links.

The Snow Leopard – You focus on the mobile. You know that if your business is going to stay alive you will need a great mobile site and features. You are all about speed and know that bigger isn’t always better. You are adorable and come with a smooth interface.

The Wolf Pack – You are a social creature and place a lot of importance on interaction. You howl at the moon in search of attention from the pack. When looking to find followers on social media you know how to spot something good to bark about. By doing so you have quite the following. Just be careful to keep your reputation clean. Social media never goes quiet and if you mess up everyone will hear about it.

The Panda – You like content just as much as Google’s panda update. You are cuddly, smart, and easy to love. You know that the key to the heart lies in good content. You calmly seek it out and chew on only the finest content. Though you are a bear you would never dream of eating meat. You are friendly to all other Internet marketing animals and they love and respect you. You are endangered and there are not many of your kind left.

The adorable non-cuddly cat – People are drawn to you. They want to touch you. But unfortunately you are only here to draw people in. You prefer to keep a distance and focus on Pay-Per-Click campaigns. You require a lot of maintenance and grooming to keep people coming.

The Rabbit – You prefer to focus on email. You have been mass spreading your emails for as long as you can remember and it has always worked. You are a weak breed that stays alive through sheer mass and cuteness. You reach every corner of the Internet and know that repetition is key. Some people may hate you because you eat their gardens, but most people love you for your cute nature.

The Dragon – You understand that all of the above animals are great. They are all to be respected and taken into consideration. But you know better than to do only one form of marketing. You mix and match the following animals styles to best meet your needs. There are very few dragons in this world. They are by and far the rarest of all Internet marketing spirit animals. Innovation Simple is a company that hires dragons.

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