Tips for Using Instagram for Businesses

Oct 4, 2013

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Instagram, a photo-sharing app created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, was founded in 2009 was revolutionized from elements of Foursquare and Mafia Wars, a popular game developed by Zynga. It came from nothing to one of the popular photo-sharing app in the world after just a few years.

Instagram creates a community that brings many people together to share moments of their life in a still picture or 15 second video. Pictures can mean more than words and what better way than sharing it on social media.

Making Instagram a part of your business’ marketing plan creates opportunities for growth and customer engagement.

• Sharing various types of images with followers can show that the company is not all about being serious and they can have fun at the same time.

• Using hashtags associated with the brand is also useful to create a cross-platform on your company’s various social media accounts of Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Creating a community where everyone is a part of it can mean a lot to customers.

• A call to action on Instagram can help you stand out from your competition and can grab your potential customer’s attention.

• Rewarding followers for those in retail or the food industry will make viewing your content a priority when you deliver promos or discount codes for following your business.

• Engaging directly with users by asking questions in your captions and responding to comment shows to your customers that you care about them. Organizing a local meet-up can also be fun for customers to meet and greet your business for a Q&A session.

• Showcasing what your product can do engages followers to post user-generated content. Since it’s a visual social platform, why not show off your stuff for followers to see and like?

• Most common viral reactions by Instagrammers have been cute animals with funny quotes or picturesque images taken by a high-tech camera.

What do you do with Instagram for your business? How will you implement this tactic in your marketing plan?

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