Twitter Gets A Redesign

Sep 15, 2010

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Twitter has evolved over the last few years as one of the most powerful websites in the world with more and more people signing up each day to use the service. Real time collaboration and news has forever changed with the invention of Twitter. Twitter has a new design along with new features that will be rolling out over the next several weeks.

A big change is that now there is a details pane that will show embedded videos and photos as well as quick information about another profile. Whenever you click on a tweet in the details pane it will show related information of the author or information. You can also see mini profiles without having to leave the page.

new twitter with details pane

The new details pane will allow for a lot more going on and who knows could be a step towards Twitter placing advertisements next to related information. The details pane is all about showing related information to what is going on in the left hand side tweet. This could be a big step for Twitter in providing targeted relevant advertising.

twitter new layout with profile bar at top

The new profile bar is at the top with your messages allowing for quick navigation. The new design is to allow for more information to be visible without having to navigate all over the place.

Bottom line is that Twitter is making it easier to find more information quicker and provide a better user experience. During the preview users will be able to click back and forth from the old Twitter to the new Twitter.

Happy Tweeting!

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