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Nov 4, 2014

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Tips for Learning to Become More Tech Savvy

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Old, young, rich or poor, it is pretty safe to assume that all of us are affected one way or another by technology these days. Here at Innovation Simple, we understand the importance of being up-to-date with technology and how to use it. Its what we do! If you feel like you have fallen behind on the technology surrounding you, keep reading. These are simple tips for becoming more tech savvy in a techy world.

Google and YouTube
The age of technology is the age of information. Pretty much any subject you can think of someone has written, sung, photographed, or filmed it! Google and YouTube will be your best friends when learning about technology. Type in any topic you want to learn about, such as; wordpress, facebook, skype etc. Be sure to put before the topic “How to use” or “what is”, otherwise the search will just bring up the website link.

Whether you are a beginner with technology or an expert wanting to learn more, these searches will bring up a plethora of articles and tutorials that can help you quickly and easily learn more about any area.

Starting a blog is a good way to become familiar with the current world of technology. When you start blogging you will come across things such as finding and uploading photos, linking to other websites, the basics of a webpage layout and design etc. You can learn so much through keeping up a blog all the while writing about subjects that interest you.

Social Media
Get involved in social media. It is truly the lifeblood of communication these days. Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Google+, if these aren’t sounding familiar at all to you, become familiar with them QUICK! These social media tools are what keep much of the world up-to-date and connected. Learning about these, again through Google and/or YouTube, can get you technologically savvy really quickly.

These are just three simple things to get you started on your road to becoming more familiar with the technology of the world. It is really a drop in the bucket you might say, so don’t stop once you have learned all you can in these areas. Keep learning because technology is constantly changing. Change with it.

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