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Jul 10, 2015

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A company’s website is their most official footprint on the internet. More customer judgement will be made on how professional, up to date, and user friendly your website is than perhaps any other public image you have out there.

But don’t let the stress of creating functional, useful website keep you from acting creatively and expanding the boundaries. Indeed, in this fast-paced digital world innovative and unique practices that break the chain of conformity are the ones that get noticed, while the others drown in the sea of conformity.

Take for example the website called mostexclusivewebsite.com. Literally the most exclusive website in the world. Only allows one person in the domain at a time and only for 60 seconds. Then the next person in the queue is let on. At this moment there are 535 people in line waiting to get in. Who knows what’s on the other side of that website and why only one person is allowed. But perhaps that’s exactly why it does so well; the sense of intrigue and suspense.

Just Foley is the creator of the website and encourages people to tweet at him (@waitingforweb) while they wait and also has a link where you can donate to the website. The uniqueness of the website plus the engagement enables users that experiences and simplicity that they all crave these days. By and large he gets a funnel of traffic pouring to his website.

The lesson that can be learned from this is that you cannot sacrifice creativity and uniqueness out of fear of being too different and against the norm of what a “proper” website should look and act like. It’s time to think outside of the box and allow your website to grow and evolve, and just as Albert Einstein it will “take you everywhere.”

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