Using Google Squared for Competitive Research

Feb 4, 2010

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Last year Google brought out a new tool call Google Squared which will build a spreadsheet of what you put in the search box. For example if you type in colleges then you will see a list of colleges with their images, description of college, tuition, mascot, location or anything else that you want to look at. You can add another category and Google will search for the information and retrieve to put into the spreadsheet.

google squared screenshot

If you were marketing a college website and were wanting a quick way to look up some information on who the competing colleges were and get some intelligent data on them in a hurry then Google Squared will help you do that.

The best thing I like about Google Squared is the spreadsheet form, I already use excel spreadsheets to do some keyword research and other analyzing because it is easy to see things next to each other and keep things nice and organized. While some queries do not bring back any results like when I search for SEO I only get two results when there should be a lot more than that.

I know there are several reputable SEO companies across the United States and then each state has several that are not well known throughout the country. As time goes on I believe this tool will get better at aggregating information as good as the Google web search function does.

For SEO’s looking at competitors is a standard practice so we know how to get an indicator of how the market is and how much work it will be to take the company we are marketing to page 1 and then on to the #1 listing. While Google Squared does not show you the competitors rankings it does give you good information about them, like right off of the bat you could get a detailed list of descriptions about the companies and their websites within two seconds.

One thing to keep in mind is that Google Squared might not have some good information on a topic and so you will see some blank boxes. Google Squared is not the absolute best tool to use for competitive research however it can be used to get some quick data on other companies.

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