Nov 20, 2014

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Putting You In Charge of What You Watch

Perhaps you are a parent trying to monitor better what your children see in movies, or maybe you yourself don’t want to see nudity, hear cursing and experience violent scenes. If you are one of these people you have probably had the experience of watching a trailer for a movie that looks intriguing only to find at the end of the commercial that it has received a mature rating for any of the above listed content. It can be a disappointment. You want to enjoy the story but not be exposed to certain things, you want to choose your content.

In marketing, this lack of control over content would be considered the consumer’s problem, one that an ambitious entrepreneur could have the opportunity to solve. Well, Daniel Harmon and his crew have done just that with a new Netflix-like site that legally filters content on movies and YouTube. VidAngel, filters out the “Bosoms, Blood and Bad Words”, as their catch phrase indicates. The site is able to legally filter these movies because there is absolutely no altering of the original film and no burning or copying of the disk. After the customer selects and rents the film they desire to watch, the movie streams to YouTube and filters in accordance to the customers specifications.

When you make a VidAngel account and choose a film to watch, the content is broken down into categories of “Profanity”, “Violence” and “Sexuality.” Within those categories the individual instances of each are broken down. For example, you can choose to filter all profanity, just a few words that offend you, or even go as far as filtering only certain instances of profanity within the film. The same goes for violence, graphic violence, nudity, immodesty, and sexuality.

Many people are excited about this new, positive use of media, especially parents who would like to be put back in the driver’s seat of what comes into their home through the internet.
It is truly amazing how far technology is coming along. Statistics show that more and more people watch movies streaming through their computer than on television or even in the Cinema. This new way to control what you watch, filtering as much or as little as you want, is an innovative step in media intake and as you might assume, we at Innovation Simple love innovation.

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