Video Advertisements’ Draw Emotional Appeal

Jul 19, 2013

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Whenever you watch a commercial on TV or online, you are bound to be either informed or entertained; and that’s the intent of the advertiser.

But another strategy that businesses have used to reach their audience is emotionally charged video ads.

With countless video ads on YouTube and company webpages, there are few commercials that touch the viewer’s heart by simply watching the commercial.

Here are some of the best video commercials that have used emotional appeal tactics on a sensitive or important subject matter:

1) AT&T’s It Can Wait pledge campaign raises awareness of texting while driving

2) NFL Rush Play 60 campaign encourages kids to be active for 60 minutes a day to reverse childhood obesity

3) Liberty Mutual Insurance commercial on how when things are at their worst, humans are at their best

4) Bernas’ Father’s Day commercial on the importance of families

5) Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s tips from former smokers

Online video marketing boils down to a few tactics to pull the audience into your video:

• Grabbing the person’s attention right out of the gate in the beginning scene

• Keeping your video under two minutes to keep them engaged

• Professional camera and videographers to make the quality of the video visually appealing

• Communicate and focus on quick and concise messages

• Avoid videos that have a “salesman” feel, unless it’s used as a sale pitch

How has your company used an emotional video for your business product/service?

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