Do Video Spokespersons Help SEO?

Jan 26, 2010

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At Innovation Simple we have created a product line called IUSHER which is a series of overlay messages that are used to help both the visitor and the owner of a site. One of the overlay messages in the IUSHER product line is the video spokesperson which can be used in a variety of ways. A video spokesperson is where you record an actor who goes through a script and talks about whatever they want and then you put them on a website so when people go to the website they see the person speaking to them. The recording is done with a green screen so when you place the actor on the website you only see them instead of some other type of background. The question I have today is do video spokespersons help seo for a website and if so how. At Innovation Simple we have performed various test by having a video spokesperson on the home page of and then not having a video spokesperson on the home page. What we have noticed is that we get more people filling out our contact form and other forms we have on the website. In order for more people to fill out the forms they have to be on our site longer and what we have noticed is that the time on the site increases so that people do not bounce off of the site, but that they start to navigate through the pages more. Video spokespersons do help seo in the way that they improve user behavior and when it comes to seo (search engine optimization) user behavior is a big factor that Google looks at as well as the other engines. Now speed is a factor when trying to get a page to rank and is something that Google has come out openly and said that they are looking at and that is where a video spokesperson could slow down the load time. All IUSHER products are ran on their own server thus minimizing the strain that would be put on the websites server. So in closing there could still be a lot of debate on whether having a video spokesperson on your site would improve your seo or hurt it. It would depend on how well the video spokesperson technology is developed. IUSHER is different than other video spokesperson technology and can improve not only your seo, user behavior, but it will also help you improve conversions. We would like to know your thoughts and experiences on what you have seen as far as video spokespersons affecting seo.

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