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Feb 18, 2009

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One of the most important things you can include on your website is a testimonial of a customer. Why? People really do not care about what you think about yourself as much as they do care about what others think about you. This is why customer reviews and ratings on websites have become very important to consumers.

Not all testimonials are the same though and in today’s world where the internet is now a place where people go to watch videos and entertainment they are used to seeing people talk online. Having a video testimonial is much more powerful than having a written testimonial.

Think about when you have been on a website and seen no testimonials and then compare that to a website where you have seen some testimonials. There is much more power in that. Now think about if your website had video testimonials where your customers recorded video of themselves praising your company and services.

Here are some examples of what video testimonials look like: St. George Attorney Testimonials

As you can see these people are giving their experiences and sharing their story about how the attorneys helped them. One of the most important things that video can add is the personal touch. You can see the person’s eyes and their expressions as they are talking. You can feel and sense that they believe what they are saying and they are recommending the company because they had a great experiece with them.

A website can never have enough testimonials of customers who are happy with the service that they had recieved.  If you are a company that is continually getting testimonials from clients try to ask some of your preferred customers if they would be willing to give you a video testimonial.

Just by doing this one thing you can see the impact it would have on prospective customers who are in the process of doing their research and comparing different companies along with yours. In this situation you want to put yourself in the shoes of a prospective customer and think of things that would help you to persuade yourself in doing business with a particular company.

Having video testimonials will be one of those things that you offer on your website that more than likely your competitors are not going to have on their website. This will be one more thing that can seperate you and keep your company in the minds of prospective customers who continually do research and comparison shopping.

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