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Nov 10, 2008

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Trying to get into the top 10 in the search engines can be a daunting task to get into. There are several things you can do to get into the top 10. Social bookmarking is one of the fastest ways to get a listing in the top 10. Social bookmarking companies have great authority in the search engine eyes because they are very popular.

When you use these social bookmarking companies you can uses the keywords you are targeting for tags and then those social bookmarking listings will show up in the search engine results. What this means is that you are borrowing their authority and so many times these listings will show up fairly high in the search engines.

These social bookmarking listings will show up faster than video listings. However video listings do stay longer in the search engine results pages. Video sharing websites have great authority and are becoming more popular everyday and getting more authority in the search engines.

The search engines are using blended search or also called universal search which means that they are showing results for videos in the main search results for the web. What this means is that you can get a video to rank very well in the search engines for the keywords that you want.

Video marketing is a very good strategy to use when doing search engine optimization. When doing seo you want to get as many types of listings you can in the top 10 results for the keywords that you are trying to go after.

When posting videos to the many video sharing sites you can use your keywords that you want in the description and in the tags and keywords sections. The best thing to do is to use your keywords in the description plus the keywords section.

Search engines cannot read videos yet and so they rely on the surrounded text that supports the video. The better you can describe your video and use text the better chance you have at getting that video listed for what you want.

Although it is easier to get a social bookmarking listing into the top 10 listings a video listing once it is there will stay longer than a social bookmarking listing. So it is a good idea to also get video listings in the search engine reslults for the keywords you are targeting as well.

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