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Dec 18, 2008

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The search engines are at this time improving their algorithms in the way they determine the way a user interacts with a website. They are experimenting with personal search results on how a user uses their computer and what they search for.

For example if I am a user that is constantly looking for the company Apple related products then the Latent Semantic Indexing will play a role in how it pulls back information for me. Remember the search engine are trying to improve they way they return results to an individual user for not only web pages but also all other types of files and documents including audio and video files.

The internet is growing at warp speed due to the opportunity it provides for people to upload their own content to the internet world and publish it over a vast network. Every second the search engines must be able to find, crawl, index, and rank those types of documents.

One of the overall factors in ranking these multi information documents is to determine how the other internet users interact and like that document of information in whatever form it is in.

Because of this new technology that the search engines especially Google are playing with it is extremely crucial to understand the analytics of your website in how many people come, how long they stay, how many pages they are visting and what the demographics are.

It is not enough to just get people to your information, you must make it easy and useful for web surfers to browse. There are several tools that have been developed to help a website owner make their website more effective and useful. The most important part in web usability is having catchy content.

Making a website more personal by using pictures and using videos to keep people are all excellent things to use. Once Matt Cutts of Google was asked by a translation company why their company was not being listed as high in the rankings. He looked and found another website that had tutorial videos and step-by-step information that was very useful.

He told them it was obvious, the other company has more useful and effective content. The key is to provide the best information on that topic and make it easy for users to find and navigate. If this is the case they will stay longer, refer it to their friends, and bookmark it.

All of this activity in making your website usable by visitors will increase your rankings. It is not good enough to get crappy content ranking high in the search engines anymore because people are smarter now than compared to the old days when the internet was new. They will click on your rankings and if the content is CRAP they will leave. Google can see this over and over.

So make sure if you are going to spend the time to get something listed high in the rankings you make it something that you would want to spend time on and refer to your friends. There is a new age in SEO and 2009 will see a lot of changes.

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