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Aug 13, 2014

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Tools that will help you design a great, professional website

With the way things are these days, it’s pretty difficult to find the proper tools to build your website with since there are so many options.

So here’s a list of the more professional and helpful tools that you can use in the creation of your site.

For the Designer: Webydo

For those of you creative types that are used to the Photoshop layout, welcome to Webydo. Webydo allows you to start from scratch and start building a website with both simple and advanced tools. You don’t even have to know code to make your dream design come to life because Webydo converts your design into HTML code and a CMS (Content Management System). Pricing starts at $9 a month.

For the Innovator: Onepager

You’ve probably been on the websites that consist of a single page that you scroll around to navigate the information. Onepager a design platform that helps you create the single-page website. Keep in mind that if you’re really trying to reach out to people on their mobile phones, the one-page site is versatile since they can just scroll through the info.

For the Job Seeker: Two Way Resume

I know that job seekers looking around at website platforms for publishing up their resume are just waiting for one that isn’t going to cost $120 per year to maintain. Two Way Resume is a great option for that because if you pay the annual fee, you only pay $40 and the sites look pretty crisp. You don’t even have to know code.

For the Penny Saver: Wix

Oh wait, there’s the free design sites too! Wix is a very capable design platform that can help you put together an online store, blog, business, or portfolio site. Templates, links, images, and clipart are some of the options you get with this one. You can also get premium accounts that give you more options.

For the Photographer: Pixpa

Specifically for photographers, Pixpa allows photographers put up, get comments on, and sell their photos. Their portfolio can even be made into a private gallery. The beginning plan starts at $4 a month.

Don’t forget that we at Innovation Simple know a thing or two about professional web page design and are totally capable of building your website! Take a look at our web design examples and contact us for more information!

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