Is your Website Helping Your Business?

Feb 17, 2009

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One of the most important questions a business owner should ask themselves is “what is my website doing for my business?” Far to often there are businesses who are not using their website to its full potential. Websites are an interactive tool that allow consumers to interact with your business with contact forms or opt-in subscription forms where there is something that makes them want to give you their information in return for something.

One of the most important things that come with having a website is the ability and power to have analytics which means that you can track where and how users interact with your website. This is something that is hard to do with a newspaper ad or a phone book ad. This is what I mean by a powerful tool that a website can have as it gives you some insight into what people think about your business.

If I ask people the question “what is your website doing to help your business?” they are really not sure how to answer as they have never really had people ask them that question before. This is a perfect example that shows that people still do not realize the power in having a website.

In today’s world every business that has a business card should have a website and have their website on that business card. Having a website is just the start and I have seen so many websites that are horrible and not the way that a business should portray themselves. For most businesses they do not put as much work and effort into having a great website because they do not understand how having a website can help their business.

This is why some business owners do not know how to answer the question that I asked earlier of how is your website helping your business? Once a business owner can effectively answer this question then they will better market their website in various forms of advertising.

Every business should refer customers to their website and use their website as their Most Valuable Employee. On a website you can show off your Unique Selling Position, answer Frequently Asked Questions, take orders and collect money. I cannot tell you how many times I have told business owners to think of their website as a way to help them make their business more effective to where they do not have to do as much work.

So in closing if you are a business owner I ask you ” how is your website helping your business?” and most importantly could it help your business more than it is now?

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