Is Your Website Special?

Sep 12, 2008

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There are many people who may think they have put up a website for their company and then after that is smooth sailing and they are going to get business just because they have a website that is online. This is a sad mistake for any company. If you think that publishing a website will make you successful then you should ask these questions.

There are some questions that every website owner should ask themselves:

1) Why is your website special?

2) What does your website offer to customers?

3) Why is your website better then your competitors?

4) Does your website offer value?

5) Why will customers keep wanting to come back?

Anyone can register a domain and hire someone to build them a website to put it with that domain. Add some pictures and content and you have a site online. This is not that complicated to do and all of your competitors can do it. In this day and age elementary kids can do this.

Establishing your online presence is a start but in any company it takes continual work. No business owner opens a business and then thinks they don’t need to show up after that. Successful business owners continually work on their business and growing the company.

In the online world having a business must do the same. If you want to have your company continually grow online then you need to treat it just like you do offline. Just building the website and sitting back admiring your work will soon cripple your company.

In the business world people do not care how hard you have worked and built your company. The online world is the same. People do not care how much work it has taken you to build your website. They do not care if you were up all night to finish some pages or if you spent thousands of dollars to build your website.

So what do people care about? They care about results for them and how is your company going to make my life better and easier. Everyone listens to WIFM ( What’s in it for me ) radio. When a customer visits a website they think what is in it for me and why should I return.

So think about this, if a customer has been to your website and then they want to come back that is a good thing. What if every time they come back they see the same thing and nothing changes. The mind then says I have already seen this.

In order for companies to grow their must be continual improvements and enhancements. The philosophy of growth says that if you are not moving forward then you are not only stagnet, but moving backwards because everyone around you is moving forward.

If you are not continually improving and enhancing your website and company online then not only are you not moving, you are moving backwards. The internet and technology is moving to fast to cater to those who do not continually improve.

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