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Apr 21, 2009

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The Difference – Websites vs. Web Pages

There have been many times that I have spoken to people and as I talk to them it is quick to point out that they do not know the difference between a Website and a Webpage. In web design we always talk about how many pages would you like to have on your website.

It has been interesting to me to talk to business owners who know quite a bit about business, but know nothing about the internet and websites. Today I am going to explain the difference between Websites and Webpages:


A website is a collection of webpages that are under 1 domain (such as For example if there is a company that owns then this website will have several Webpages like Home, About Us, Contact Us, Testimonials, Products, Services, FAQ’s, and others. All of these pages together make up a Website.

Web Pages

A webpage is an independent page of a Website. For example a webpage would be the testimonials page. A web page can be accessed by typically one URL in a browser and that page can be copied and or send to a friend for review whereas websites are collections of multiple page that must be navigated to view other content.

Search Engines and Web Pages

Websites vs. Webpages can be taken way beyond the simplistic information covered so far. One very important thing to note is that search engines index Webpages not Websites. As a search engine crawler crawls a website it will crawl each individual webpage. Most of the time, a search engine doesn’t index all of the web pages in a website. Sometime only the home page is given much authority for a website as the other pages lack sufficient content or importance to be indexed by search engines such as Google. Google, for example, indexes web pages based on their relevenacy to the search performed. This is how on some keyword phrases some of the listings are subpages of a website. For example, if I searched “dog gromming brush” on Google I may not get a website at the top that speciclizes in pet products in general but may find a web page from a website that specilizes in just dog grooming brushes. If I do get results from a big pet product website such as PetSmart, I would likely get a sub page of that website (web page) and not the home page (website).

How Many Web Pages Do I Have in Google?

To find out how many Webpages of your Website have been indexed by a search engine you can do a operation command. In the search engine type ‘’. This will show you how many Webpages of your Website are in that particular search engines index. The more you have the better. You also want to make sure your webpages are getting properly indexed.

For example if you know you have 20 Webpages on your Website and you do this command and only 13 show up in the results that lets you know that you have 7 Webpages that are not getting properly indexed. You may want to visit those pages and try and find out why search engines aren’t giving those pages importance or authority.

Contact Our Consultants

Now you should know the difference between a Website and a Webpage. If you have questions or would like to speak with one of our experienced and professional web design consultants, please call 888-559-3274.

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