What To Do When You Have Writers Block

Jun 16, 2011

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Do you jostle to come up with new and interesting topics to write. It is important when writing a blog, that one must regularly come up with interesting topics that will keep the readers focused and wanting more. However, constantly keeping up with the demands for new ideas is a challenge to every blog owner. Inspiration doesn’t always come easily. But for any writer, it’s vital to be able to generate ideas and get on with the work.
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Tracking topics to write about that readers will be very interested in can be an enduring process, so listed here under are a few great tricks to assist you keep up.

Be Inspired

Get Inspired-Read Your Opponent

The next time you are drawing a blank with your next blog topic, surf the Internet for what others in your niche are writing about. It does not mean you are stealing ideas from others, but use the topics to develop an idea and get inspired.

Be Mentored

Any writer can find criticisms to be the building blocks of a good blog. Have a mentor to teach you the ropes, and learn from them as they point out what makes your blog good or bad.

Do An Interview

A simple and quick Q&A will bring some new ideas to the table worth tacking on. Take note not only of the answers , but also the questions that you want to ask, because it may be in itself a great topic to write about.

Have An Argument

Sometimes conflict can bring about new topics you can write about. It is good to have someone who is strong with their opinions and will argue with you over it.

Make Use Of A Favorite Post

Capitalize on an established blogger’s thoughts by posting your reaction to their latest blog topic. You will not only have something to write about, but also attract some traffic to your own blog.

Read Comments

Reply to those comments directed to you. Whenever you can, look at other blog’s comments and see what other readers have to say. Write down their views and questions.

Have A Guest Blogger

Sometimes, having someone write a post for you takes the pressure off and gives you time to recuperate from all the thought-process you’ve been doing. A different perspective is also refreshing.

Look For Ideas

Let your online social connections do the work for you. Ask for ideas on facebook, twitter, and so on; most likely, a lot of people will oblige.

Use Other Sources As Reference

Try A New Medium

Don’t limit yourself to reading blogs. Watch Youtube videos or TV shows, listen to podcasts or radio broadcasts.

Read Gossip Or News Websites

More than looking for topics to write about, you are updating yourself with trending stories that matter to people. Read the headlines and collect interesting links for future reference.

Scan Newspapers And Magazine Stories

Know how news affects the lives of your readers and talk about it. Your audience will come to rely on you to address their concerns basing on the current news.

Ask Yourself Questions

The questions in your head when reading about various topics on different sources can be a source of ideas. If there was something missing, or a subject that has not been dealt with, write about it.

Read Small Publications

If you have a niche blog, check relevant brochures, booklets and other writer’s columns in local papers or business weeklies. These are usually not read by most people; you can develop the topics or recycle them.

Think creatively

Mine Your Hobbies

This will allow your readers to learn more about you and your interests, and gives them a personal opinion on your topic.

Talk About Your Experiences

People love to hear about real stories on how others overcome struggles , adventures, and truthful narration of what you learn from your experiences.

Change Your Ambience

Sometimes our environment can be stifling. Change your view so you can get inspired. Go to the park, a museum, or even your own backyard garden. Leave your usual writing area to have a picnic on your lawn. Bring something with you to jot down your ideas as they come to you naturally.

Take A Vacation

Even if it’s just a day off or a two-week getaway, you’re bound for a fresh start the next time you tackle your blog. If you can’t afford taking time off, a few minutes to relax, like taking a nice bath or a long walk, will stimulate your mind and release your creativity.

Create A Poll

This will let you know what your readers would like to read about. You will also be able to determine what topics matter to them.

Hold A Contest

Encourage your readers to share their insights and reward them for it. You can persuade them to create topics and the best idea wins. This will also give you lots of options to choose from those non-winning entries.

Keep A Journal

Just as doodling inspire art, forget about the technicalities of writing for a moment and just let your mind flow as you write. When you don’t edit things as you go on with your thoughts, you focus on just the ideas that expand exponentially as you write.

Do Reviews

Who doesn’t want to be told if something they want is not really worth having? Doproduct reviews , movie reviews, or anything that will allow you to critique.

Attend Events

Whether it is a local community or industry networking event, chat up people and spread the word about your blog. Ask them if there is any topic they would particularly be interested in. Go out of your usual group and expose yourself to a wide array of minds.

Take Deadlines As A Challenge

When you have a deadline, it forces you to get things moving no matter what. So if you need to find a post idea in the next hour, you tend to have instant courage to go out of your usual habits, chat people up, and squeeze ideas from everything around you.

Create A Regular Feature

When you have a particular topic that you need to cover for a certain day every week, you won’t fret too much because you know you at least have on day covered. It also helps your readers as they expect a particular subject to be tacked on a regular basis.


In conclusion, as a writer you must know who your audience is, as your articles or essays must be for the audience. Your thoughts and ideas must be arranged in a logical sequence, so that the reader can connect to it. Your article must be well researched and factually correct, so that you can support it in case of doubt. Best topics to write about will only be presented well if they arouse interest and curiosity in your reader. Whether you are looking for best topics to write about to start a blog, or to give a presentation, do a thorough research of what your audience is looking for, as a good article, is the one that delivers justice to the title and brings out the truth of the subject.

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