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Dec 29, 2012

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Words Matter

In politics words matter. In fact, in politics, words seem to be at least 50% of the game.

In handling marketing for small businesses, one of the most common issues that we encounter is that they don’t know how to talk about themselves. That is such a bit problem because 50% of marketing is what to say and how to say it. When this improves, success happens.

My Recipe

1: Brand Story

There is no right or wrong way to talk about yourself. The key is to have a unique message and brand story. It is about the truth about who you are and what you stand for. It is about understanding how to communicate your brand story to the world and choosing a message that your whole company can rally around.

Those that continue to hone their voice or brand story and messaging, continue to stay in front of the opportunities that continue to come in today’s marketplace.

2: Hot Buttons

Understanding your customers hot buttons is key to developing your message. Humans are programmed to respond to things that get their attention and are relevant to problems that they are experiencing.

Think about your customers or prospects for a moment. What kind of problems do they experience consistently related to the market that you are in. If you can successfully identify hot buttons that will send your prospects into a research mode because you have hit their hot button, you are one step closer to honing your messaging.

3: USP (unique selling proposition)

Now that you understand how to communicate who you are and what your brand story is, in addition to what hot buttons you can focus on to reach your target market, you hone your USP.

Your USP is a comprehensive look at why you are the best choice in your market and why your prospect should investigate doing business with you. Your case needs to be compelling and based on your brand story (the truth about who you are and what you stand for), as well as the hot buttons of your audience.

It must be you. It must be compelling. It must be unique.

Branding Therapy Will Help

As a means of helping small businesses get start on this quest to understanding themselves, we have a comprehensive questionnaire that you can take for free. It launches the beginning of the process of understanding your brand so that you can eventually know what to say and how to say it.


After you have taken the questionnaire, call out strategy team and let them know so they can get you the results of the questionnaire and some free advice on how to implement.

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