Where Your Business Should Expand Its Social Media Presence

Jan 15, 2016

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In a lot of ways Social Media makes sense. You have an almost limitless potential for people to see your business and brand online. But there are some platforms that businesses undervalue when it comes to social media. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are all “no brainers” when it comes to social media platforms that your company should be present on, but what about some of the other social platforms like Instagram and SnapChat?
These are two of newer platforms that many companies haven’t quite figured out how to use yet, but if you can figure how to reach out to those audiences as well as you have on Facebook or Twitter, then you will be able to broaden the demographics that you can reach online.
Take a look at some of these demographics of Instagram and Snapchat Users as provided by Pew Research Center:

instagram-demographics mobile-messaging-apps-particularly-popular-among-young-adults

Now take a look a the Facebook demographics:


Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are potentially the best way to market on social media to the Millennials. In addition to that, take a look a this chart that Pew came out with for teens on social media:

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat Top Social Media Platforms for Teens
According to this, the next few generations are likely to see you on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat than any other social media platform. So, if you’re not convinced you needed to get going on your company’s Snapchat and Instagram accounts, then your going to miss out on a lot of business in the next ten years or so. So don’t miss out. Get started now. By investing time and resources to developing and strengthening your place on these two accounts, you will be making a huge investment into your future revenue and sales. Get started today and the payoffs will be huge in the future.

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