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Nov 7, 2014

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How We Help

Innovation Simple

At Innovation Simple, our motto is Innovation + Simple. Shocker, I know. Our goal is to help small businesses gain traction in a slippery market. We work to improve SEO, website design and overall social media presence within the niche that company is competing in.

To give you an idea of who we work with, our clients range from home builders to security services and lawyers to industrial businesses. The reason why we can take on a wide variety of clientele is, in part, because everyone needs marketing. Every company needs to make a footprint that is visible enough to drive traffic to their business. Our goal at Innovation Simple is to manage your marketing so that you can worry about taking care of your business.


We are always seeking to stay on top of what is working in the marketing realm. Digital marketing evolves almost daily. And in order to be at the forefront, you need to be aware of those changes so that you don’t “miss the train.”

We utilize every channel and medium we can to bring success to your company. Google+, Facebook and Twitter are only the beginning of how we work to grow your impression and engagement ratings. We have other internal process and functions that help us measure the effectiveness of your website and other digital marketing tools you’re using.


With how busy people are, we know how important it is to create processes that are simple. Our perpetual aim is to find the easiest method that brings the greatest results for your company. This is done through research, know how and trial and error.

Research – most small business owners don’t understand the vast amount of time it takes to become a thought leader within their market. Our efforts are aimed at understanding each client and their unique needs and audience so that we can formulate messages that resonate with that specific public.

Know how – we use Facebook and Twitter every day so it’s easy to utilize right? Sorta. With the constant metamorphosis digital marketing experiences every day, it’s important to work with a team that has a pulse on that changing environment. Our employees understand what it takes to increase engagement and visibility and work tirelessly to achieve that end.

Trial and error – no one likes to hear it, but there is no cure all solution to digital marketing problems. While there are important principles to follow and valuable tools to utilize, it’s nearly impossible to hit a home run every time. Our goal is to measure our efforts and emphasize what is working and cut out what isn’t

If you need help with your marketing, give us a call today and we’ll see if there are ways we can help grow your business. 855-238-8444

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