Why Google+ Will Take Over the World

May 31, 2013

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By: Micheal Green

Why You Need To Know G+

Is Google+ preparing for world domination? Can it handle it? Is it really going to be able to blast Facebook into second position in the race to take over social networking supremacy?

Let’s take a look at how and why Google+ very well might take over the world of social networking.

When the whole idea of social networking first burst into our lives, it was firmly aimed in the direction of the young, many of whom found that they became split between Bebo and MySpace. Facebook soon jumped in and spoiled their party. Facebook had it all – you could share interests, photos, videos, ideas, and opinions in a flash. Anything that needed to be said, could be said on Facebook.

The arrival of Twitter didn’t create too much competition for Facebook, because it offered a very limited service and, to be honest, when Google+ joined the party in 2011 it made more of a ripple than a splash. However, from slow beginnings, the popularity of Google+ is starting to flourish with more than 500 million users across the world. Can it really rain on Facebook’s parade? Is a major upset in the cards?

Google+ Benefits

One of the reasons why it has taken so long for Google+ to really get up to speed is, possibly, because it was launched to be an invitation only site. This caused a real buzz, just as it had when Pinterest was in the initial launch stages and the door was quickly opened to the masses–well, everyone over 18 years of age, before being dropped to 13 for much of Europe and the U.S. in 2012. Originally known as Google Circles it quickly rebranded as the catchy Google+ (or even G+). One major benefit which Google+ has over Facebook and similar social networking sites is that contacts can be kept within their own Circles (which is how the original name came about) making it easy for users to have a circle of friends, a circle of family, and a circle of business colleagues – or any other type of circle you desire. If you decide that you want to post an unflattering photo of yourself online after the office party then you can choose which circles of contacts will have access to it–but nobody else knows which circles can see it and which ones can’t. This can help to prevent all sorts of trouble! Another terrific Google+ feature is what’s known as “Hang Outs” which can be utilized in order to chat with a small group of people–up to 10 are permitted in one hang out. This makes it particularly useful not only for chatting with friends but also for business conferencing purposes.

With many other benefits of Google+ there are many who believe it really is ready, willing, and able to take over the world of social networking.

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