Why Pinterest is Not Just for Your Pre-teen Daughter

Aug 29, 2013

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When you first created a Pinterest for your business, you might have been overwhelmed by the number of hairstyles and brownie recipes you encountered. But Pinterest actually has a lot more to offer than beauty secrets and treat recipes (although we like those too!). In fact, Pinterest is a great way to show your customers what your company is all about, to advertise for free, and to build customer relationships over the web. This post will show you how you can do all of that!

1. Show your customers what your company is all about: Follow a 5+5+2 method. Create five boards for things your audience loves, five boards for things your audience has a hard time finding, and two boards centered on your company. These boards will attract followers and increase your visibility on Pinterest.

2. Advertise for free: Although you don’t want to only post your own content, you are totally allowed to pin images and links that will lead your followers back to your business’ website. While you’re posting a variety of different images, remember to throw in some of your own images with links back to your site so your customers know where to find you!

3. Build customer relations over the web: There are lots of ways to connect on Pinterest! Follow similar and related pinners, repin from those you follow, and join community boards! When your presence is consistently visible on Pinterest, your customers will remember you!

Start applying these tips now to see some immediate social media success!These tips and many more can be found at: http://pinleague.com/b2b-pinterest-strategy/.

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