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Jul 7, 2011

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As a professional web design agency we work a lot on redesigning websites for companies and today I thought I would talk about why you would want to redesign your website. Now I am not talking about something that is needed once a year, but you do want to have a website that is fresh and different every 3 or 4 years.

The first thing that we need to cover is why do companies feel the need to have to redesign their websites. When redesigning a website there may be various reasons. The most common one is due to the current website not looking appealing or not functionally sound.

The other reason is simply because as time goes on it is important for companies to stay on top of their game. In business there is always competition out there who is trying to steal your market share and continually improving the way they operate to do so. This is why it is important for businesses to continue to update their website appearance and persona.

In the technology world things are constantly changing and moving and so having a website design for 4 years is a long time in technology time. I have seen companies who have not redesigned their websites in 8 years and it shows.

As time moves forward design changes a lot. It is not uncommon for us as web designers to make comments in the office like “this website looks like it was made in the 90’s”.

If you are a company who is trying to look more professional and generate more sales then trust me you do not want your website to look like it was made in the 90’s. Now this has nothing to do with the 90’s being a bad decade. It simply means that in the year 2011 if your website looks like it was built over 10 years ago then that is a sign of a company that is not growing.

Think of all of the companies that are big and grow. Do they make design changes to their websites? Absolutely they do, it happens all of the time to where you go to some big name brand company’s website and it has a new look.

Just of the few recent ones that I have noticed lately is Samsung and LDS.org. Both of these organizations are known throughout the world and they have both made changes to their websites in how they look.

Here at Innovation Simple we are ourselves constantly improving the way we conduct business and improving our appearance. Right now we are in the process of redesigning our website so that it looks more updated, professional, and attracts more calls to action.

If you are a business owner who needs to redesign your website then please let Innovation Simple help you today by filling out our free web design quote form.

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