Why You Should Learn to Cook

Mar 15, 2014

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With all of the food in the grocery store, sometimes buying food, and cooking is overwhelming. Between the meal planning, ingredient preparation, the actual cooking, and the cleaning process it seems that my motivation to cook falls with every passing thought! But being able to make a filling and tasty meal helps me eat more than ramen and PB&J Sandwiches, and always leaves me feeling better after.

Many think that learning to cook is a difficult skill, and that they will never be able to get over the basics. But, cooking is not an extravagant skill that can never be mastered. For most, cooking is just about the basics. There are simple things like baking potatoes, baking chicken, boiling water, and making dough that will take you from burnt toast to fantastic pizzas in no time.

Being able to cook is a skill that is beneficial in multiple aspects of life. It affects your health, relationships with others, and your creativity. As you learn the basics of cooking you will be able to cut out your daily 550 calorie Big Mac and replace it with simple meals. You will be able to enjoy a meal with co-workers, family, and your neighborhood friend and dazzle them with your new favorite salad. Finally, who doesn’t want to create their own ingredient combinations. You could invent something out of this world (have you heard of chili chocolate?) and become famous for it!

So for all those interested in learning the wonderful skill of cooking, here are a few sites that can help you along in the process.

Wikihow- Basic Cooking Skills
Better Homes and Gardens- How to Cook Lessons
All Recipes- Quick and Easy Recipes

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