Yahoo's Organic Search Now Powered By Bing

Aug 25, 2010

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After months of testing and debugging Microsoft’s Bing search engine platform has now officially taken over Yahoo’s organic search on August 24th 2010. Yahoo’s web, images, and videos search in the United States and Canada English speaking is now powered by Bing technology with more markets and languages to come.


The search teams at both Yahoo and Bing have been working extensively together over the summer to make a smooth transition for all of the users of the two companies. Now Bing will continue to transition their Microsoft adCenter to be implemented into Yahoo.

This has now made it official that there are basically two search engines in the world competing for the market.

bing and yahoo vs google in boxing gloves

With a dawn of a new era may we all take a moment of silence for the late Yahoo Search Engine. Yahoo is now no longer a search engine and

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