You are a Leader

Jan 15, 2013

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You are a leader. You possess Integrity. You maintain your character under pressure and utilize ingenuity to see beyond the obvious limitation. You dream. You create vision in others who then see your dream.

You are a leader. You possess Accountability. You can laugh with the best of them. And your homemade humor isn’t half bad. You do not place blame. Rather, you own up to mistakes. You do not fear fear them. You experience success; often.

You are a leader. You possess Stamina. When you are tired you remain kind. You utilize courage and fortitude to assure honesty. Your are rigid in support and flexible in understanding. You have cat-like curiosity. You seldom bark.

You are a leader. You possess Creativity. You are accused of being optimistic, sensible. Reliability is your code: on time, every time. Occasionally, you work late. But family is a priority. Your outlook includes reflection.

You are a leader. You possess Conviction. Boldness is a trait not a tool. It is manifest in your determination. You are not cross. You are fair. Service is part of your life. It seems to inspire you to greatness while maintaining your humility. You listen.

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