Specialties tailored to specific industries tailored for results

Vertical Playbook – Industries

For starters, they are more than 600 businesses served in nearly 300 industries on multiple continents.

In short, we sell to companies that advertise. These advertisers are generally not afraid to market and need a more refined and scientific system for purifying their marketing strategy, process, team and lead quality.

Vertical Playbook

Broker Playbook

Real Estate Companies: brokers from regional and local brokerages.

Builder Playbook

Construction companies: residential and commercial

Accountant Playbook

Accounting firms designed for bookkeeping, payroll, tax, and audits

Attorney Playbook

Attorneys: Law firms in local and regional firms that service multiple types of clients in multiple legal verticals

Dentist Playbook

Dentists: Single doctor practices up to multi-location national dental chains

Doctor Playbook

A multitude of doctors from: optometrists, ENT, surgeons, audiologists, health clinics, therapists and many more

E-tailer Playbook

E-tailers focused on product purchases on their website through robust e-commerce solutions

Plumber Playbook

Plumbers: local mom and pop shops and national chains

Retailer Playbook

Retailers: boutiques, automotive dealers, jewelery stores, restaurants, quilting shops and many more