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To say we specialize in WordPress would be an understatement.

#1 WordPress Team

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a professional blogging and content management platform that allows websites owners to log in at any time via an internet connection and administer their websites with a simple to use editor. WordPress is the most powerful blog software available and is the choice of award winning web designers the world over. Innovation Simple uses a custom version of WordPress which is highly optimized for search engines and has special features that add additional power to the platform.

Custom WordPress Blogs for Businesses

The blogs we build are NOTHING like the blogs your grandmother, wife or sister creates to keep the family up-to-date on things going on. We prefer to use the word CMS over blog because the word blog connotes something very different in the mind of a potential blog owner than it should. We build for you a custom search engine optimized website and take custom blog software and integrate them into one! These SEO based blogs are exactly what our clients need because they are entirely custom, but they have a powerful engine behind them for adding and changing website content. We sell more blogs than any other product at Innovation Simple!

Why Use WordPress?

Google Heart Wordpress

Google-Loved WordPress Features

  • Content Management – WordPress Blogs have a built in CMS (content management system). Not only can you change the majority of your website content yourself, you can change website content from anywhere in the world via the web!
  • Content Creation – WordPress Blogs have a built in CMS (content management system) that allows for the creation of blog posts and even new pages to the website. This is crucial when launching an SEO campaign as content is king. WordPress blogs allow businesses to blog and create link worth content on the fly from any internet connection.
  • Feeds – These websites have blog RSS feeds and other aggregate functions that allow for distributing content easier to users.
  • Search – These websites have blog features such as search functionality which allows your users easier access to content they want to see.
  • Size – These websites allow you to frequently add new content that impresses Google and other search engines and allows you to GROW the size of your website. Website that have more content and have more time in search engines having published content, have more authority.
  • Google Friendly Code – These websites are built using search engine friendly code! This impresses Google and other search engines.
  • Pinging – We tell Google and other search engines online everytime you add a blog post to your website. This helps your website develop a relationship with Google and other search engines, which results in search engine success!

Custom WordPress Programming

Innovation Simple builds WordPress blogs more effectively and more search engine friendly than you will find anywhere else. Our development team builds custom WordPress plugins, back ends, payment systems, invoicing systems and much more. These websites are highly optimized and are geared for use in search engines but can handle custom programming to allow clients more capability all from the WordPress administrative area. To view our WordPress based websites, simply visit our websites portfolio. Its more likely that you can’t find a website we didn’t use WordPress on than you can’t find a WordPress site.

To speak with our WordPress team, call 888-559-3274.