Great short-term testing solution for marketing.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

What is Pay Per Click or PPC?

Pay per click is an imitation of organic search engine optimization. Pay-per-click advertising is where marketers pay money to be listed in search engine results pages. Marketers bid on keywords that they want to be listed under, the winning bids get listed highest in the search engine results page. Marketers have a budget to work from and anytime your listing is clicked, you get charged the current bid price. The clicks just keep coming until your money is all gone.

Pay per click ads are a sponsored link on the right hand side of a search engine result page. These ads are paid for by marketers on a keyword basis. Each keyword string is a different bid than the next.


Why Use Pay Per Click?

One of the strongest benefits of PPC among internet marketers is the ability to get up an “offer” or a “sales page” and see if it converts in a short period of time. Because SEO takes longer than PPC, marketers cannot put up an SEO website and test it to see if it will be a profitable niche very easily. With PPC, many marketers will spend little time and effort making a PPC site and little money relatively on a simple starter PPC campaign and will be able to know whether they have a niche, and product that people want and that will SELL!

One of the other benefits of PPC is that it allows you to segment the market and target that segment more effectively than SEO. You can display ads to only people in certain geographic or demographic segments. This can be a huge benefit and create market research for the marketer!

Problems with Pay-Per-Click

Problems with pay-per-click advertising can be many. The major problem with pay per click advertising is that it costs money. Long term, this can be much more costly than SEO. Those who engage in pay-per-click must be extremely confident in the ability of their website to be able to produce a high return on investment. The client pays every time users click from the search engine results page to your site. If they do NOT buy, it can be a death trap for your business!

Innovation Simple PPC Approach

PPC has its place. If deemed necessary, only use PPC for a short period of time until your search engine optimization company has you placed in good shape in the search engine results pages. Our Utah SEO colusionts will nearly always be a better choice than pay-per-click long-term for nearly any company in any industry. No matter how users stay or how many times they come back, you never pay any more (as opposed to pay-per-click).

Our AT&T PPC Solution

  • 360 Clicks/Year – $80/mo.
  • 720 Clicks/Year – $140/mo.
  • 1,080 Clicks/Year – $250/mo.
  • 2,040 Clicks/Year – $500/mo.
  • 3,300 Clicks/Year – $750/mo.
  • 4,800 Clicks/Year – $1,100/mo.
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