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Google created the algorithm Pagerank to determine the value of a page. The ranking is 0-10 with 10 being the highest. Google was originally called Backrub because of the software they had to determine the backlinks coming into a page from another. Pagerank takes into account the links coming in as somewhat a vote. The more votes to a page the higher the PR will normally be. Also the importance of the page casting the vote also plays a role.

The PR of a website is an important part of how Google rates and indexes the page. The pagerank on the Google toolbar is not an accurate measurement because it will be a healthy value of the website instead of the individual page. Also there are some sites that have not been indexed by Google so the toolbar is just a gestimation. Google updates pagerank 4 times a year. You will want to check to see if the page is indexed with Google to get a more accurate result.

The PR of a webpage is important when having incoming links. Google will not count links that are coming in to a webpage that are from link farms or free-for-all sites. The quality incoming links to a page from pages with a higher Pr will improve the rankings of a page. Some links can penalize a site as well. Google understands webmasters can’t control who links to them, but they will penalize you determining on who you have outbound links to. So be careful not to link to penalized sites or bad neighbors.

The PR will be higher on a homepage of a website than the subpages. So understanding Pagerank and how Google looks at the incoming links from pages with higher PR is crucial. Some say Pagerank is not something to focus on because Google is constantly changing the way they rank PR. However it is important to link with sites that Google trusts.

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