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Online video is getting bigger and bigger as more people upload and watch videos online. CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, said that right now there are 13 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute. That is a lot of video for people to see.

There are other video sharing websites along with YouTube as well so you can see that people are joining in on uploading and sharing videos on anything with other people on the internet. Just like any other industry there are certain video sharing websites that cater to certain niches.

For example some cater to music, comedy, politics, do-it-yourself, and how to video sharing websites. There is any type of video sharing website that you would want.

Internet marketing is a huge industry and is one of the industries that does not have its own video sharing platform. Until now! just recently launched and is a video sharing website like YouTube where internet marketers can upload videos and ask questions as well. There are many different channels, communities, and groups that you can join on IM Broadcast to.

You can see the videos that are currently being watched, recently viewed, as well as featured videos that have been viewed many times and have high ratings. That is right there is also a ranking system in which users can rate videos as well as comment on them.

Users can also tag their videos when they upload them so when users are searching for videos there videos can be more easily found.

Try IM Broadcast and find interesting videos on many different internet marketing topics.

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  1. John on 10 Nov 2008 at 9:39 am

    I like this website and believe that it will grow very quickly as internet marketers can upload their videos to share with the internet marketing community.

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