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There are a lot of different things you can do with Google in regards to searching for things. There are some extra strings that you can use to increase how you find stuff that you are looking for. Here is a list of some search strings.

1. Date range: You can use this to find things during certain dates. Example – seo daterange 2007 June – 2008 June. This will pull back information during this time. This helps for updated information.

2. Exact Search: You can use this to find exact things. Type in “search engine optimization” and it will pull back results that have all of those words in a row. This is exact match.

3. Using OR:If you want to pull information on two different subjects in comparison you can type in pools OR ponds.

4. Safe Search: This will pull back all information without adult content. For example if you were looking for something you would type in safesearch: keyword. This will help you filter your results.

5. allintitle: This will find titles of pages that have what you request. For example allintitle: swimming pools. This will then pull back all pages that have the term swimming pools in the title.

6. Filetype: This will help you get different types documents. For example seo:pdf. This will pull back all pdf’s regarding seo.

7. Calculator: Google also acts like a calculator to. + = add, – = subtract, / = divide, * = multiply. Just type in your math problem into the search query and it will give you the answer.

8. Definitions: You can also look up definitions as well. Type in define: innovation. This will pull back the definition of innovation.

9. Site Search: If you only want to find information on one site then type This will also show how many pages are in the index.

These are just a few of some of the search strings that you can use to more effectively find information on Google. If you want go to Google and type search strings on Google. This will also help you find more.

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