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There are several tools to help in the search engine optimization process. Firefox has several extensions to help in SEO. The one that everyone should have that is doing SEO is called SeoQuake. This extension has many different tools that will show many parameters of a webpage.

You can customize the extension to the way you want. It offers to show Google PageRank, pages indexed by Google Yahoo and Msn, age of site, keyword density, Google cache, inbound links by Google  Yahoo and Msn. It will also show information from Compete, sitemap xml, internal and external links, whois record, Technorati reactions, delicious bookmarks, Seo Digger and more.

This tool is very helpful at getting a quick glimpse at all of these things for a web page. You can set the parameters to load as you pull up a page or when you want to manually upload them. I use the horizontal Seo Bar that loads as I pull up a web page so I can see all of the information really fast.

This helps when looking to advertise on certain related websites because you can find trustworthy athoritative websites in a very fast time. The Google PageRank, indexed pages, inbound links, and age of a website will show you very fast if it is a website that you want to continue to market and advertise on.

You can also set a nofollow parameter that will put a line through links. When turned on it will strike a line through all links that have the rel nofollow attribute attached. So when you are looking at other blogs for example to comment on if there are other comments with a the name as a link and there is a line going through the link you then know that if you comment on that blog then the search engines will not be able to follow that link back to your website, thus not giving you credit as an inbound link. You can also look for DoFollow search engines.

To see more of the Firefox SeoQuake plug-in you can check it out here on the add ons page.

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