The 3 Major Search Engines

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Google focuses a lot more importance on links than both Yahoo and Msn. Google ranks these links by quality and relevancy. Google looks at the content of a site and its relevance for the on-the-page factors like title, density, depth and more. They look closely at who you are linking to as well and the quality and relevance they are compared to you and determine if they are a good neighbor.

Yahoo is probably the most active when it comes to crawling web sites with their crawler called Slurp. Having RSS on your site will make it more actively and frequently crawled. Yahoo places  a lot of importance on inbound links and density of links in anchor text and volume of links. Yahoo seems to place more value to sites that are listed in their directory.

MSN gives more importance to the title text and places a large importance on keywords and meta tags. MSN analyzes inbound links for their quality, anchor text keywords, and relevancy. Sites that are in directories that are endorsed by MSN rank well in the SERP’s as well as fresh updated content.

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