The Most Important Elements of a Great Blog

Aug 12, 2013

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Jake Wixom

A Great Way to Grow Your Online Presence

Having a well designed blog attached to your company’s website is a great way to increase web traffic, help your search engine optimization, and keep your customers informed and interested. Listed below are a few things you can do to be sure your blog is attractive, professional and impactful.

Uniformity vs. Originality

When it comes to appearance, it is important to find a balance between uniformity and originality. When the blog is a part of the main site (this blog, for example), it usually maintains the same basic layout and color scheme. If the blog is separate, you can be a little more liberal but it’s crucial that the blog still be easily identified as a part of your company’s overall online presence. Placing an attractive company logo at the top and incorporating the main colors are just two ways that you can maintain this uniformity (Rafting America is a good example of this). Don’t be afraid to be slightly more informal on your blog than you are on your homepage since the whole idea of a blog is to show a more intimate side of the company that customers can relate to.


Blog posts should be informative and relevant to your company and your customers, but this isn’t necessarily as limiting as you might think. If it interests your customers it should interest you. For example, a home-building company could write posts about everything from family life to cleaning products since those are things that would interest its clients and are easily associated with homes. This will keep your customers coming back to your site and will even bring in new visitors who find your posts through a Google search.


There are many things you can include on your blog to add to the overall image of your company. These things should be based on things that your potential customers can relate to. A scrapbooking company will likely have a “cutsier” blog design than an electronics store. This will affect which fonts, media and templates you decide to use. In general, a less formal blog that is designed to be eye catching and personal will contain 3 fonts: 1 cursive, 1 bold and 1 common. This will provide variety without disunity but it’s not always necessary to use all three.


Template design is an important part of a blog because you want it to look like your template was designed custom for your company, not just the same free template that thousands of others use. Blogger is one platform that allows for some customization, as do a few others, but WordPress is considered to be the leader in customizable blog templates. The catch however, is that the code and design work can get a bit tricky if you don’t really know what you’re doing and it’s probably best to leave that end to a professional web designer like those here at Innovation Simple. In the end, if you really want a well done, custom blog site it’s best to leave it to a trained professional.

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