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Online Shopping Statistics

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By: Mike Green Cyber Monday You survived turkey day and the subsuquent shopping frenzy known as “Black Friday”. After sleeping off your coffee binge, you geared up for yet another huge shopping day – Cyber Monday. Never heard of it? It’s the first work day after the long Thanksgiving weekend that has traditionally been a huge online shopping day. Retailers…
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The Keywords Buying Cycle

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Keywords are what we call the words that people use to type into the search engines to find things. For internet marketers targeting which keywords to go after is vital to their success. There are several methods to finding which keywords to use that most appropriately explain your business and that people will type to find you. There is a buying cycle with keywords and here are the different sections. Continue Reading »

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Is Your Website Special?

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There are many people who may think they have put up a website for their company and then after that is smooth sailing and they are going to get business just because they have a website that is online. This is a sad mistake for any company. If you think that publishing a website will make you successful then you should ask these questions. Continue Reading »

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